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Dongguan Mingying CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd, Ltd is a set of tube plate hole drilling machine, micro hole drilling machines, deep shaft drilling machine, CNC deep hole drilling machine and drilling accessories development, production, sales and service in one of the manufacturing enterprises. Dongguan Mingtai with science and technology, based on technological innovation, the company has more than fifteen years of production experience of CNC deep hole drilling. Has a strong team of professional and technical team, leading professional production management and quality management system. 

For many years, to promote the Dongguan Mingtai deep hole drilling of high precision, high efficiency, low cost, the operation of the development of human nature is the purpose of ji! In China, the market share of Dongguan Mingtai deep hole drilling machine has been expanding, and its business has spread all over the country. At present, the Dongguan Mingtai brand's main products include: pipe plate deep hole drilling machine tools, micro hole drilling machine tool, shaft class deep hole drilling machine tools, CNC deep hole drilling machine tools, deep hole drilling machine tool accessories and non-standard customized deep hole drilling machine tools, etc.. Our equipment is widely used in die and mold industry, automobile industry, textile machinery industry, medical equipment industry and electric power turbine industry. With its excellent pre-sales customer service service users by the praise of Dongguan Mingtai high-quality CNC deep hole drilling, and has won wide recognition and praise of the industry. Create value for customers, to win the development for Kyrgyzstan Mart deep hole drilling, it is our eternal pursuit!


Dongguan Mingying CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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