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Deep hole drilling Gun drill sharpener

2017-08-26 09:47:28 Dongguan Mingying CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd Read

Mingtai custom gun drill dedicated machine model: QD-600 + gundrill (optional accessory host table chassis)

QD-600 type standard gun, deep hole drilling tool grinder adopts precision rolling guide rail, high speed motor. The work is steady and the friction is small. The grinding machine can rotate in horizontal and vertical planes. Expanded the scope of use of machine tools. With grinding tool fixture, it can be accurate and efficient grinding of various gun drills

Special fixture for 50Q gun drilling jig used for gun drill sharpening. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, convenient and reasonable clamping, simple adjustment, and time saving (one time clamping can complete sharpening of all angles), and the processed drill edge has high strength and good accuracy.

The range of 3-40mm of grinding.

The new drilling gun drilling special bed, slide around before and after stroke Z:170mm stroke X:270mm; sliding movement of the grinding wheel; Y:120mm; wheel speed 5100r p m; the gun drill fixture can be sold separately, optional tool cabinet!

The grinding machine is suitable for deep hole drilling, drilling and grinding angle. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, convenient handling, stable precision, easy operation and agility. It is sold at home and abroad!

Deep hole drilling Gun drill sharpener

Deep hole drilling Gun drill sharpener

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